Overview of M2TS to VOB Converter

M2TS to VOB Converter is a versatile software to convert m2ts to vob and convert m2ts files to vob. It is your best selection to create dvd files for watching. M2TS to VOB Converter can convert with super fast speed and high output quality. It is able to convert m2ts, mts, ts to accetable popular video and audio formats. Anyone who needs to convert m2ts to vob, please search for the powerful converter. With the help of m2ts to vob converter, you can easily select audio track and subtitle for input video source. To clip the video length is possible and crop play region to remove black and unclear areas are accessible.

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What's more, m2ts to vob converter has an intuitive interface to use. You can activate its program to try its function buttons. Effect, trim and crop are prepared for you to convert m2ts to vob on this software. In case customers need to merge segments into one, m2ts to vob converter is still your first selection. The software has merge function and it can combine several files into one. The output merge file can be renamed for the users' taste.

Intermezzo--What is VOB format?

VOB is the extension of the files contained in DVD-Video media. All DVD movies are stored in VOB files on DVDs. VOB file contains video, audio, subtitle and menu in stream form. VOB files are very similar. One may just change .vob extension to .mpeg and it will be readable and most MPEG players will support it. The VOB file is one of the core files found on DVD-Video discs and contains multiplexed Dolby Digital audio (normally AC3 format) and MPEG-2 video.

Using Guide--How to Convert M2TS to VOB?

Step One Download and install M2TS to VOB Converter on your computer and activate it.

Step Two Import M2TS file or files to the converter.
Click button Add File to insert .m2ts file to the converter's file list or direcly drag the m2ts file to the converter's file list.

Step Three Choose output format

On Profile list, click and unfold it to select a .vob format from its drop-down list. You can click Settings to set video and audio parameters. The window is like this:

Step Four Click Effect, Trim and Crop buttons to edit input file
Effect can set contrast, saturation, and brightness. Trim can be used to clip the video length and crop is able to remove black edges and crop play region.

Step Five Save output file
On Destination column, click Browse to find a folder to deposit vob file.

Step Six Start converting
Having finished the above steps, click button Convert to convet m2ts to vob. The converter can convert the input file in a few minutes automatically.